Signaturit, present at the Global Summit for Insurance Innovation

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Signaturit, present at the Global Summit for Insurance Innovation

On 13 and 14 June, Madrid will host the fourth edition of the Global Summit for Insurance Innovation (GSII2019),a forum promoted by INESE to embrace digitalisation in the insurance industry.

Signaturit will be present yet again to provide our solutions to all professionals attending the event. If you would like to learn more about GSII, keep reading.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Global Summit for Insurance Innovation: It is time to take action

The fourth edition of GSII2019 comes at a critical time for innovation and the digital transformation of the insurance industry.

Insurance companies, brokerages, managers of mutual insurance companies and everyone who is concerned about the changes caused by digitalisation and who does not want to be left behind, perceive that the digital transformation of the insurance industry is here to stay.

New technologies and methodologies have broken into this market, from the onboarding processes and the development of the relationship with customers, through marketing and commercial management activities, including the areas of service and customer service.

The question is no longer “why” but “how” and hence the importance of this summit in the capital. We need to talk about the present and the future to move away from the theoretical discussion in order to put it into practice before it is too late.

The main objective of this summit is to learn about the latest trends in the insurance industry and share experiences and best practices among industry professionals.

Signaturit, present at the Global Summit for Insurance Innovation



In this edition the programme is divided into five blocks, five major topics which will be looked at in detail through the different presentations and panels.

A world awash with opportunities

At a time when this change is taking place faster than ever, these presentations will try to look into what tomorrow's world will be like and, above all, what challenges and opportunities it will generate for the industry.

Learning from failure

This block aims to analyse why, what is missing in these digital transformation processes, what is being done wrong and, above all, how we can improve based on all our experiences.

Innovation beyond innovation

In these speeches we will discover techniques, models, methodologies and good innovation practices from experts who are launching the transformation processes of their companies.

Crossing the technological border

This block aims to look at the incredible potential of technology through success cases with the specific application of innovative tools that help solve everyday challenges.

The event will take place in the spectacular Gran Teatro Bankia Príncipe Pío.

 Signaturit, present at the Global Summit for Insurance Innovation


Signaturit, one of the Insurtech companies present at GSII 2019

In this context, Signaturit will once again have the opportunity to explain our value proposal over the two days of the summit.


8 national and international Insurtech copanies will present their innovative solutions.

How to improve the policyholder customer experience? 

Our electronic signature solution is legal, safe and allows your customers to sign insurance policies and other related documents at any time, anywhere, without having to download any additional applications.

1. Easy for customers when signing their insurance policies

The possibility to sign anywhere at any time, without having to print documents, is a great advantage for customers when signing a policy and its related documentation.

2. Increased productivity for employees and commercial agents

Insurance agents have a tool that streamlines and simplifies the signing process, so that they save time and other expenses in which companies incur when printing documents.

3. Improves response times in the claims department

The claims department greatly influences the customer experience, as it has direct contact with policyholders. An electronic signature solution allows this department to provide immediate service to customers who suffer an incidence.



Since our establishment, our electronic trust services; electronic signature, certified email and electronic identification, have helped to digitalise any transaction between companies and individuals, safely and legally.

Currently, clients such as Banco Sabadell, AXA, Admiral Insurance, Das Seguros or Cuatrecasas process and received any document signed that plays a key role in their operational or management processes.

Therefore, if you are also going to attend the Global Summit for Insurance Innovation and want to learn more about how our electronic signature solution contributes to improving the experience of the insured party, do not hesitate to call by our stand as we will be pleased to meet you in person.

See you in Madrid!

This post is also available in Spanish.



When: june, 13 and 24

Where: Gran Teatro Bankia Príncipe Pío - Cuesta de San Vicente, 44, 28008 Madrid

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