Signaturit receives accreditation as a Qualified Trust Service Provider

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Signaturit has been accredited as a Qualified Trust Service Provider in accordance with European Union Regulation Nº. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (known as eIDAS).

In the next post we tell you what this accreditation means and what benefits it brings to improve competitiveness and a common digital future.

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eIDAS regulation: the legal basis for a Digital Europe

The digital business transformation is progressing at an unstoppable pace, but one of the major obstacles to the explosion of electronic commerce is the lack of confidence of the consumer (in B2C relationships) and of the companies (in B2B relationships).

Overcoming this obstacle depends on the existence of trustworthy technological solutions and services capable of facilitating this leap and equating the security of documents and electronic communications with traditional methods on paper.

To this end, the eIDAS Regulation was approved to reinforce trust in secure electronic transactions between citizens, companies and public administrations in the EU with a common legal framework for electronic signatures, electronic stamps, electronic time stamps, electronic documents and the services of certificates for the authentication of web sites.


The eIDAS regulation creates a cross-border legal framework that ensures the interoperability of electronic identification mechanisms in all Member States.



What is a trust service provider and how is it defined in the eIDAS?

EIDAS Regulation 910/2014 defines a trust service provider as "a natural or legal person that provides one or more trusted services, either as a qualified provider or as an unqualified provider of trust services" and a qualified electronic trust service provider such as "a trusted service provider that provides one or several qualified trust services and to which the supervisory body has granted the qualification".

According to the Regulation, for a provider of trusted electronic services to issue qualified services with legal validity, they must be audited by an accredited certification body of each EU Member State.

In the case of Spain, the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement under the Ministry of Economy and Business is in charge of determining the capacity to operate as such.

To obtain this certification, service providers must guarantee a series of technical, organizational and legal measures related to the security of their platforms, with the life cycle of digital certificates, and in general with the security of all their operations associated with the Trust service to lend.

In addition, Article 22 (1) of the before mentioned Regulation lays out that each Member State must establish, maintain and publish trust lists with information relating to qualified providers of trusted electronic services together with information related to qualified electronic trust services borrowed by them.

Signaturit has been recognized as a Qualified Trust Service Provider which means that we have the required certifications and the necessary technical capacity to provide the trust mechanisms required for electronic transactions.

prestador cualificado


Upon receipt of this certification, qualified Signaturit services will be indicated with the EU trust label for qualified services.



The "EU" trust label for qualified electronic trust services clearly distinguishes qualified trust services from other trusted services, thus contributing to transparency in the market and thus fostering trust in online services and trust. convenience of these.

Thanks to this certification for Qualified Trust Service Providers, Signaturit is qualified for the Service of the issuance of qualified electronic time stamps, with the aim of offering the service of issuing qualified electronic certificates of electronic signature and the qualified service of certified electronic delivery in 2019.

In the following link you can find more information about the services of confidence prepared by the European Commission, which explains the benefits they can provide to companies regardless of the sector in which they operate.

Finally, if you want to receive advice regarding our different trusted services, do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us an email to, call us at +34 93 551 14 80 or fill out this form.

If you prefer, you can directly try our services and sign up for Signaturit free trial for 14 days.

This blog post is also available in Spanish.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 778550.



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