Signaturit to participate in DIA, Europe’s first Insurtech Conference

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On 20th and 21st April 2016, the first Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) will be held in Barcelona, bringing together the European insurance industry’s major players, both the established elite as well as rising Insurtech companies that are developing innovative technological solutions that look to completely revamp the insurance sector.

The congress is structured around TED-style talks given by representatives of the invited Insurtech companies, with the aim to help them foster business connections with leaders of insurance companies who are responsible for carrying out a digital transformation.

Signaturit is among those invited to present our company to all the attendants, and represents a fantastic opportunity to give a live demonstration of how any insurance company can benefit from our innovative electronic signature solution.

If you wish to know more about DIA and Signaturit’s forthcoming talk, read on!

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More than 50 companies dedicated to developing technologies for the insurance sector have been invited to present their solutions at the Digital Insurance Agenda event. Their audience will be mostly made up of individuals responsible for leading the digital transformation of major insurance companies globally, including representatives from, among others, AEGON, Allianz, AXA, DAS, DKV, Generali, Munich Re, VidaCaixa and Zurich Financial Services.

This event is perfect for any company operating in the insurance sector as DIA’s very mandate is to foster dialogue as well as identify possible synergies and/or new models or collaboration between all stakeholders.

Companies invited to pitch have been chosen by the organizers based on the value they can bring to insurers, with particular consideration as to whether their innovations and solutions could have a direct impact on the insurance sector, either because they contribute to improving cost efficiency, positively influence user experience or simply because they have obvious potential to increase revenue.

In the case of Signaturit, our solution has been selected for three main reasons:

1. Because it makes the signing process of insurance policies more efficient:

  1. Customers can sign anywhere, anytime and on any device, computer, tablet or mobile.
  2. Errors are avoided in the signing process: by using the fields that have been predetermined by the user, the signer can not fail to complete them nor forget about signing on any page of a contract.
  3. Insurance agents can collect signatures in situ, without the need to print or hand deliver any paper documents.
  4. The use of electronic signatures vastly contributes to reducing spending on paper and promotes eco-efficiency.
2. Because our electronic signature solution helps to improve user experience, thanks to a very intuitive interface. Anyone is able to sign documents using Signaturit, even without having used an electronic signature solution previously. In addition, all parties can sign documents immediately.

3. In terms of your security, signing with an electronic signature solution is, today, much safer than hand signing a document with a pen. In Signaturit we collect electronic evidence generated during the signing process - geolocation, IP address, email address, date and time of signature, etc., making it virtually impossible for anyone to impersonate the signer and much more possible to prove the identity of the signer in a court of law.

In addition to these three characteristics, the electronic signature is legal in the European Union and in the United States. It should be noted that in Europe, the law defining and regulating electronic signatures currently in force - Directive 1999/93/EC - shall be repealed by Regulation 910/2014, known as eIDAS, from July 1st, 2016. To find out about any changes introduced by this new regulation regarding electronic signatures, we recommend reading this post.



Juan Zamora, CEO and co-founder of Signaturit in conversation with Jordi Rivera, CEO of DAS Spain, on how DAS used electronic signatures to boost its digital business.

THURSDAY, April 21

If you are also attending the DIA conference and wish to know more about our electronic signature solution, don’t miss our Show & Tell chat! Should you be unable to make it and have questions about electronic signatures and their possible implementation in your insurance company, simply contact us by sending an email to or call us directly on +34 93 551 14 80.

We are convinced that this event will bear fruits not only for companies present, but also for all those insurance companies that imminently plan to undergo digital transformation. See you there!

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