Signaturit will participate in the sixth edition of the Real Estate Event: Evento Inmobiliario de Calafell

Posted by media on February 2, 2017 at 9:00 AM

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Digitization has also reached the real estate sector, which is experiencing its own digital transformation, primarily driven by the digitalization of its customers. For this reason, technology and its practical applications for this sector is one of the two main themes to be discussed at the sixth edition of the Real Estate Event Evento Inmobiliario de Calafell (# AIC17), which will take place on March 3, 2017.

Signaturit has been invited to participate in this meeting, and Juan Zamora, our Co-Founder and CEO, will give a talk on how real estate agencies can improve customer experience thanks to the electronic signature (in Spanish).

In this post we offer more details on this Real Estate Event organized by and for all real estate professionals who are eager to keep current on the latest in real estate technology.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Real Estate Event in Calafell 2017: Leadership and Real Estate Technology

In the 2017 edition, this annual event considered essential by top real estate professionals in Spain, is structured around two main themes: leadership and real estate technology.

The part of the event dedicated to real estate technology has been coordinated by the real estate company Monapart. This block will consist of brief talks of 10 minutes each (called technological bits) by CEOs at the forefront of technological companies, whose solutions serve to optimize processes and improve the service that real estate companies offer to their clients.

Signaturit’s technology talk will focus on the digital customer experience and how real estate agencies can improve it thanks to the electronic signature. This talk will be given by Juan Zamora, our Co-Founder and CEO, who will discuss what are the main uses that a tool such as the electronic signature can provide for real estate agencies that are committed to offer a different service to improve and enhance the customer experience.

On the other hand, within this same framework of technology for real estate, there will also be CEOs talks from companies like InAtlas (big data), Cliventa (new business models) and Floorfy (virtual reality). In addition, in this part of the event, Olga Sala (@olgasala_), partner of the Monapart real estate company, will interview Pablo Alvarez Cascos (@cascos), Technology Director of Idealista, one of the leading online real estate companies in Spain.

Regarding the topic of leadership, the organizers of this meeting have brought together a group of experts in the field to speak of transformational leadership, how to make decisions, what is the best way to manage uncertainty or how elite teams should be lead, among other issues.

In the meeting's program you will find all the conferences, lectures and interviews that will take place. If you are a real estate professional and do not want to miss out on the digital bandwagon, be sure to attend the Calafell meeting, which every year gets together more than 300 professionals and continues consolidating itself as one of the most important real estate events in Spain. To register, please click here.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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