Speed up your sales cycle by optimizing the process with digital tools

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A good sale is synonymous with perfectly executing your business cycle and when you master it, the next step is to expedite it.

Every detail at every stage of the sales funnel is important, and knowing how to use time wisely is not only dependent on the techniques that a salesperson uses. Behind him/her there is a team of experts in very specific areas, as well as innovative tools designed to optimize any type of sales management.

Speeding up the sales cycle with the best trained professionals and the best technology is possible, in this post we explain how you can do it without many problems.

This post is also available in Spanish.

How to speed up the sales cycle?

If you follow the 5 steps that we propose below and incorporate digital tools into your sales process, you will reduce the time spent to close each sale:

Make your potential customer approach you

 As an expert in the field, you know the importance of carrying out a good prospection for contacting potential new customers, and not to work grasping by proposing a solution to someone who does not have the problem you are solving. Currently, we can take a step further and use the Internet to attract new customers.

The Sales and Marketing departments of any company should be 100% aligned. Together they can find who your buyer persona is. Only in this way will the company receive qualified leads: people interested in your product or service and with a problem to solve that you can help with.

With this information, the marketing department may launch recruitment campaigns, segmented by buyer persona. The perfect complement is a specialist in copy writing, which is a communications expert who knows how to express in writing the benefits and value of your product or service. And the final boost comes from a graphic designer, who can deliver brilliant visual resources.

For example, you launch a recruitment campaign on Twitter. Each ad will have a copy (text), an attractive image and a link to a landing page where the user can expand the information. In this landing there will be a contact form where the user can leave his/her information to request a free demo or download a document. The user just moved to the next stage of the conversion funnel, and the time has come to expand the information about this prospect.

2. Qualify and personalize the message

After an optimized campaign you get new leads. A well-defined contact form in a well-defined landing page will help you in this process. But it is essential to ensure that all data provided by the leads are correct, so that we contact these people with a 100% personalized message.

3. Get the most out of your first contact with the prospect

3rd step! It's time to reach the potential client by phone. You must take advantage of this first call to detect the problem or need that this potential client has, and see if you can help with your product or service.

It is imperative that the sales professional asks the prospect what he/she wants, needs and how the product or service that you are offering can solve his/her problem. If there is mutual interest, you can schedule a personalized demo with a sales colleague specialized in this task. Today, this online interaction can be done with tools like Skype or Go to Meeting.

If after sharing all the benefits of your product or service and answering all questions your prospect is still interested, you will schedule the first sales visit. As you progress through the sales cycle, the chances of closing the sale will grow at an optimum rate.

4. Visit your prospect with your technology tools at hand

The first live meeting is when you will talk about data, more specific benefits, costs... It's the time to transmit confidence face to face and resolve any questions that your potential customer still may have.

This is a crucial moment where we must demonstrate effectiveness at all times, so we recommend using technology to streamline presenting your proposal without paperwork or paper catalogs.

Innovate and differentiate yourself: you should carry everything you need for this meeting in a tablet, note the feedback from the meeting, show your product online, send documents on the spot... you can do all of this with the All-in-One Sales Accelerator Platform for Field Sales Teams. These are details that make the difference and transmit professionalism.

Restating the above, all departments in the company are key to the success of a sale. The sales presentation should be fresh, clear, attractive, made together by the Marketing and Design teams with the support of the sales team, combining effectiveness to convey a message made by communication experts with the experience of those professionals that have direct and daily contact with customers. This combination will result in an attractive presentation that will guide and professionalize your pitch.

5. The key moment: the signature

The meeting has been perfect and you say you'll speak again in a few days. Perhaps this potential customer will contact you again with more questions, or there can be some holidays in between or other circumstances that delay the final answer. Until finally you receive an email to inform you that this potential customer is accepting your proposal. At this moment, the last thing you want is to spend more days to officially close the deal. More emails, sending the contract, your customer must print it to sign it, then scan it again to send it back to you... No way-- better forget about this slow and tedious offline process, and take advantage of innovative technologies such as electronic signatures.

To optimize the final step of a sales process that was perfect, you should digitize the last and final proceedings: signing the contract also must be online, ideally from any device. You can do this with electronic signatures. With tools like Signaturit, you could get the contract signed by the potential customer and officially close the sale, in less than 30 seconds.


The structure set behind a sales process is key to making it work, and the small details will reduce the sales cycle while maintaining your effectiveness. If you automate all key phases of your sales process and incorporate the latest technology, your sales team will excel in managing this process and you will see your revenues grow exponentially.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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