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What is an advanced electronic signature? What uses does it have for an HR department? Is it legal? How much can we save by implementing Signaturit's electronic signature solution?  We resolved these queries and others last May at our event together with VASALTO on digitalization in personnel management processes.

During said event, we enjoyed presentations from different professionals who today we want to summarise in this post for all those who are interested but could not come to the event in Barcelona.

This post is also available in Spanish.


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Digital transformation in HR departments

The digital transformation brings us opportunities to achieve significant improvements in the productivity of our day-to-day management processes. Specifically, the use of tools, such as an electronic signature, can be a great advantage in HR departments for accelerating all processes that are carried out on paper.

The objective of this event was to bring value to professionals in this sector by presenting our electronic signature to them through the experience of our own clients, who wanted to accompany us at this breakfast in the Catalan capital.

Therefore, first and foremost, although below we only summarise three of the presentations, we would like to thank all the speakers for their commitment and knowledge of how to use Signaturit.

All the guest speakers gave their own experiences to all those attending that were interested in improving their internal management processes, which turned this event into a very productive and quality meeting.

Digitalisation in personnel management processes

Photo: Image of our event with a full room


Núria Cabrero Solà, Head of Efficiency in the MEDIAPRO Group

In front of a packed auditorium, Nùria Cabrero Solà, head of the Efficiency Department in the MEDIAPRO Group talked about her experience in using electronic signatures to streamline signing all kinds of documents within the group.        

Núria started her presentation by highlighting how Mediapro, before using Signaturit, spent many hours on managing documents, as they had to coordinate signing hundreds of thousands of documents in a traditional way.

They decided to search for a solution when they saw that manual signatures were slowing down their operating processes, making communication between departments more difficult and also involved a significant financial cost.

So, in order to not lose business opportunities and comply with legal regulations, they decided to opt for our electronic signature. In this way, our client went from spending weeks on signing and filing a specific document, to simply sending it through a corporate electronic email and complying with management in a matter of a few hours.

"What once took a week, we can now have signed
and filed in a matter of hours".

Núria Cabrero Solà
Head of Efficiency in the MEDIAPRO Group


Photo: Núria Cabrero Solà during her presentation.

     Mediapro's savings in numbersResultado de imagen de mediapro

In 2016, they managed 3 thousand documents through Signaturit, which meant a saving of 30 thousand Euros. In this way, they  avoided 5 thousand hours of manual work in managing documents, the equivalent of 60 thousand Euros in wages.
Therefore, the total savings for this year were 90 thousand Euros.

In 2017, the number of documents signed reached 10 thousand, which by applying the same rule of three, meant a saving of 296 thousand Euros.  


Alonso Hurtado Bueno, a partner at the ECIJA Law Firm: "The legal validity of an electronic signature".

The reputable lawyer provided us with his legal knowledge, clearly explaining the legal regulations involved in our electronic signature solution.

He started his talk by defining the different electronic signatures recognized by the eIDAS European Regulation:

  • The simple electronic signature (for example, the pin of our credit card) has a lower level of security as it does not identify the signatory, although it is completely legal and has legal effects.
  • The advanced electronic signature has certain requirements, such as uniquely linking the signatory, which Signaturit does thanks to the way it captures biometric data at the time of the signature.
  • The qualified electronic signature is an advanced electronic signature with two additional requirements: one based on the electronic signature of qualified certificates issued by a qualified service provider and through a secure device that creates the signature.  

Then, after stating the multiple uses of an electronic signature in the private and public sector, he tackled the issue of electronic signatures as electronic proof in court, regulated in civil procedures.

The ECIJA law firm partner ended his talk by delivering a clear message regarding the legality of an advanced electronic signature as follows:

"Advanced electronic signatures are perfectly valid and the only nuance depends on the process, where it sometimes makes sense to use a qualified electronic signature, although this is less operational and complex."

Alonso Hurtado Bueno, a partner at the ECIJA Law Firm

Photo: Alonso Hurtado Bueno, a partner at the ECIJA Law Firm.

Paula Ferrer, Account Executive at Signaturit

Finally, we are going to talk about the presentation of Paula Ferrer, Account Executive at Signaturit, who focused on explaining what an electronic signature is and its uses for HR departments.

She started her presentation by talking about Signaturit's origins when the founding team saw that routine processes for any company, such as signing a document, delayed projects by days, or even weeks.

The need to print, sign, scan and resend documents made all kinds of business difficult, so they decided to find a convenient and legal solution.

This is how Signaturit started, focused from the beginning on offering the best experience to the user, signing any type of document in any location, without needing to download any apps, together with the highest legal guarantees.

Over time, our colleague Paula continued to explain, we offered other services as well as the electronic signature (developing certified files or digital identification services), in this way covering all the electronic communication needs that a company might have.

Below is a list of some of the reasons why HR departments should adopt our digital solutions within their internal working processes:

  • Due to its benefits for the environment by removing the use of paper.
  • Reduction in costs.
  • Saving time and optimizing a process.
  • International legal cover of our services.
  • Our customer service supports you and is improving day by day.

"At Signaturit, we know that the work of an HR expert
is not managing paper,
 butmanaging people."

Paula Ferrer,
Account Executive at Signaturit

Finally, Paula finished her presentation with a live demo, in which she demonstrated how to set up delivering a document to be signed by sending a test document to all those attending, so they could try using the signature for themselves on their own mobile devices.

paula vasalto-796413-edited

Photo: Paula Ferrer during her presentation

VASALTO tech and talent sign a collaboration agreement with Signaturit

This event was held together with VASALTO tech and talent, a benchmark consultancy firm specializing in legal and financial advice for all kinds of companies, with whom we have just closed a collaboration agreement which is sure to be a great success for both parties.

At Signaturit, we are very happy with this partnership, which was made public during the edition of this event in Madrid. This is another success story from this event at the BBVA Open Space auditorium where it took place.

If you want more information, get in touch with us through the following form, or call us directly on +34 93 551 14 80.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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