Summary of Signaturit’s participation in the Digital Insurance Agenda Conference

Posted by media on May 23, 2017 at 9:00 AM


The main European insurance companies, insurtech companies and other players in the insurance sector gathered in Amsterdam on May 10 and 11 for the Digital Insurance Agenda, known by its initials DIA.

As in the 2016 edition, which took place in Barcelona, Signaturit has once again had the opportunity to participate. In this occasion, we did a demo together with our partner Tripolis, a Dutch company who is an expert provider of certified electronic delivery services.

In this post, we summarize what we explained in our demo in front of an audience made up of experts from the insurance industry, managers from the largest European insurers, and entrepreneurs whose startups are leading the development of new insurtech products and services.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Tripolis and Signaturit, the solution that simplifies and certifies communications with insurees

In Signaturit we know that acquiring new insurees and closing policies are usually complicated processes, inconsistent and disperse via multiple communication channels. For this reason, and because they are slow processes, potential customers can often feel that they are wasting time, taking useless steps to jump between paper, phone and the digital format.

This lack of simplicity, the need for multiple tools to complete the process of contracting an insurance policy, the fact of having several touch points with potential customers and by different channels, is what we want to solve with the solution proposed together by Signaturit and Tripolis.

It is a solution that allows for unified and personalized communications between insurance companies and their customers. Through a secure communication environment, that combines the electronic signature with the certified electronic delivery, customers can sign their policies with the advanced electronic signature and receive them directly in their email in a certified way, meaning the insurer will have evidence of the signed policy’s delivery.

Dia Amsterdam 2017.jpgDIA Amsterdam 2017

How is the process of signing an insurance policy in this case?

The flow for the process of signing an insurance policy with the joint solution from Signaturit and Tripolis would be the following:

  1. The customer receives the insurance policy in his/her email, which can be accessed from mobile, tablet or computer.

  2. By opening it and signing it with Signaturit’s advanced electronic signature, the customer is not only accepting the terms and conditions of the policy, but is also being identified electronically.

  3. Once signed, both the insurer and the insuree will receive a signed copy of the policy with a certified email.

  4. The insurance company also will receive an audit trail, which contains all of the electronic evidences created during the signature process. 


The new insurtech companies are focusing their efforts on determining how to provide value for their customers in a distinctive way, taking advantage of the new technologies and opportunities that the sector offers. For this reason, insurance companies cannot be left behind in simplifying and streamlining their processes of hiring insurance policies.

Although the rapid adoption of new technologies has not been one of the strengths of large insurers, the solution that we propose in Signaturit together with Tripolis is very easy to implement and use.

When communications with the customer are fully integrated, fast, and smooth, insurers will have taken a very important step in improving the user experience, and will see their market position reinforced in front of their insurees.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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