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The Leadership Manifesto: Develop Leaders, Not Bosses

The Leadership Manifesto Develop Leaders, Not Bosses

Signaturit is experiencing rapid growth, we believe that the only way to achieve success is to potentiate our most important asset, the Signaturit team. We believe in a flat-oriented organization, that is why we want to create leaders, not bosses. Leaders that inspire their teammates to be the best version of themselves.

In this post we explain our Leadership Manifesto that reflects what we understand by a leader in Signaturit.


The Leadership Manifesto

Based on our values, we have developed a Leadership Manifesto. This manifesto reflects what we understand for a Signaturit leader. We want to use this resource as a guide for hiring, training and developing the best skills to enhance an inspire a positive leadership at Signaturit.

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⭐We INSPIRE people

An inspiring Signaturit leader is committed to communicating clearly the vision and mission of Signaturit. Making sure that each person of their team feels the company challenges as their own, understanding their key implication to achieve them. 


⭐We generate TRUST

We take feedback seriously, a true leader is asking for feedback systematically to improve every day. We are humble, ask for help and apologize when it is necessary. No micromanagement is accepted, we let our team take ownership.

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Juan Zamora and Javier Martinez, co-founders at Signaturit.



The decisions are made effectively. We are not afraid to fail and we motivate our team to go the extra mile and get out of their comfort zone, potentiating a safe environment where we learn from mistakes.


When there is a problem, we strive to find the solution instead of looking for guilty. We have a coaching attitude being our leader’s mission to give support and unlock the potential of each team member, empowering them to share their vision and use their creativity to take consensuated and innovative solutions.



We strive to achieve the best results, having a Business-Oriented Mindset behind everything we do. Each leader in Signaturit is aware of the company goals and shares them with their team members, making sure everyone is aligned and working towards the same direction.

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Signaturit' team.


Happy leading!

We have defined this leadership style in a workshop session with Signaturit Leaders making sure it is aligned with the company mission, vision and values. This is also aligned with the current stage and challenged our company is facing. We believe these five behaviors are hand-by-hand with our five core values and are strong foundations of Signaturit culture we’re building everyday. 

We hope you enjoy this journey with us!

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