Webinar: How the electronic signature improves the sales process for insurance brokers

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On Wednesday April 5 at 12PM Signaturit will live stream a webinar, along with DAS Seguros and the Spanish Center for Studies of the General Council of Insurance Brokers' College  (CECAS). In this webinar we will talk about how the sales process for insurance brokers can be significantly improved thanks to the use of the electronic signature.

You will find all the details for the content of this webinar in this post. Register as soon as possible so you don't miss this interesting talk in which we will discuss the use of technology in the insurance sector and, in particular, how an insurance company such as DAS España uses Signaturit’s advanced electronic signature.

This post is also available in Spanish.


The electronic signature to improve the sales process for insurance brokers.

Date: Wednesday April 5 at 12PM
Length: 30 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A

As is happening in all sectors of the economy, the insurance sector is faced with important changes due to the popularization of the internet, the high use of smartphones and our increasingly intensive use of all kinds of new technologies. These factors have led to the appearance of new digital business models, as well as the figure of the digital client.

Digital clients are accustomed to making any transaction or communication, personal or professional, through digital tools, meaning online. And increasingly more so through mobile devices. They are people who have become accustomed to digital shopping experiences that are agile, fast and effortless, such as on Amazon or Apple. And so they demand the same kind of digital buying experience to every company, whatever the product or service they want to consume or purchase.

The digital shopping experience does not distinguish between sectors: the scale when evaluating these types of experiences is the same, no matter  if you are buying shoes from an e-commerce, reserving a hotel in Prague or purchasing a life insurance policy.

This change in people's expectations of how an Internet purchase should occur affects the way in which insurance brokers should interact with the digital customer.

Keeping in mind that many actors in the insurance sector are behind as to incorporating new technologies in their businesses, and also regarding the daily use of digital tools in dealing with their customers. To tackle this, in Signaturit we have organized this webinar along with DAS España and CECAS, to precisely talk about technology in the insurance sector.

Specifically, we will address the issue of how the electronic signature serves to improve the process of selling insurance policies for insurance brokers, as it is a tool that offers a shopping experience that lives up to the expectations of the digital client.

The webinar will be structured as a round table, in which Patricio Ilyef, Director de Organización e IT de DAS España, Claudio Aros, Responsable de Proyectos Corporativos de CECAS and Juan Zamora, co-fundador y CEO de Signaturit, will introduce the topic of the use of technology in the insurance sector. In particular, they will comment on the benefits of using the electronic signature, explaining the specific case of the insurance company DAS España. To close the session, all attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions.


  • Introduction: the digital world.
  • How to fully take advantage of technology. One of the biggest challenges in the insurance sector.
  • The use of the electronic signature. What are its benefits?
    For the broker. For the client.
  • How does the electronic signature work? The case of Signaturit.
  • How does DAS España use Signaturit?
  • Closing and questions.

This webinar will be online and in Spanish. If you're interested, please register here.

We'll see you there!

This post is also available in Spanish.

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